Quick cream pie

Easy: 5 steps, 20 minutes

Somehow I managed to hide mini chocolate muffins in my oven over the weekend and now I'm left with lots of chocolate cake crumbs. I decided to make a quick, and easy dessert, which doesn't look luxurious, but is really tasty, fast and easy to prepare in almost no time. Try on your own, you can use any kind of sweet baked cookies, cakes, etc., that crumbles easily.

You can use any cookie-or-dough crumbs, as long as they can crumble easily.

Step #1: Ingredients

  • 240g of a cake crumbs (best is the cake that is somehow stale or unusable, e.g. leftovers from making a big cake),
  • 60g of melted butter,
  • 30g of honey or golden syrup,
  • 400g of cold whipping cream,
  • 15g of cream of tartar or "whipped cream stabilizer" powder,
  • 1 small (8g) packet of bourbon vanilla sugar.

Step #2: Utensils

  • muffin tray for 12 cakes,
  • 12 paper muffin forms,
  • hand mixer,
  • piping bag (you can easily go away with a sturdy zippo bag that you will cut one corner of).

Step #3: Prepare the pie dough (5 minutes)

Mix the cake crumbs with melted butter, and honey, then mix thoroughly to create a firm, sticky dough.

Split into 12 equal chunks (about 27g each), form a ball and flatten each one to fill the bottom of the paper muffin form placed in the muffin tray.

Step #4: Bake the pies (10 minutes)

Warm up the oven to about 180°C and bake the pies for 10 minutes.

Step #5: Make the cream filling (5 minutes)

Pour whipping cream into a bowl and start mixing on the lowest speed. When bubbles form, add bourbon vanilla sugar and set medium speed to reach soft peaks stage (peaks are visible on the foam, but quickly disappear).

Add cream of tartar and keep mixing at the highest speed to reach the stiff icing-cream consistency.

Fill the piping bag with all of the cream and pipe the cream all over each of the cakes. Cool them down for few minutes in the fridge! :-)

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