You can help CookArr starting next year!

Ahoy fellow kitchen pirates :-) CookArr is so far up and running well, and I have lots of fun doing the website and experimenting in the kitchen. I have some awesome plans for 2016, including mobile apps and videos, new recipes and kitchen gear tests...

...but to reach this next level I will need your help! CookArr is so far free for anyone without advertisements and sponsored content and I would love to keep it that way, but there are some other things that would help me make the website better, e.g. more and better servers to run the code, better software and hardware, maybe even rent for a shared kitchen studio in which I could shoot nicer, better cooking videos :-)

That is why I would like to ask you, directly, about your preferred way to help me and CookArr. There're main 3 ways, including: direct donations via a credit card payment (supported by a professional, secure payment company, as a one-time or recursive donation), PayPal donations, or using a special crowdfunding and patronage websites like Patreon or GoFundMe. You can vote in this Google plus post if you'd like to give your opinion!

Just to make that clear in case you wonder: CookArr will stay free, and there won't be any ads, and sponsored content will be clearly marked as such (I might receive some items for a review, which technically would mean these are sponsored), and I won't make a pay-walled website where you need to pay to view recipes. CookArr is about having fun in the kitchen, and aggressive advertisements and money-making scheme would be against my idea of having fun with cooking. So don't worry, I'm just thinking about ways to make CookArr better for everyone! :-)

PS: There might be some cool rewards for donors though :-P

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