Summer inspiration: mango sorbet and rhubarb yoghurt ice cream

If there's any flavor combination that I would never guess to work, it's certainly mango and rhubarb!

Sweetness of mango...

The mango sorbet is a terrific summer treat, it's hydrating, light and tastes so good, you won't be able to wait even split-second to take the picture (just like I couldn't wait!). It has pretty dense consistency and melts on the tongue leaving a mildly sweet aroma of mangoes and exactly the kind of feeling that summer has.

...with rhubarb surprise

The rhubarb yoghurt was a total surprise! It was very refreshing (yoghurt), and a bit sour (rhubarb), but only just a bit. Also, small rhubarb threads and bits (_bits, mmm...) made it a terrific complementary flavor to mango sweet and warming taste.

A perfect combination, if you never tried it — you have to do it now. Totally recommended!

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